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Please fill out this form to contact us with questions only. Do not use this form to try to make reservations, you must fill out our form on the book us link for reservations.

NOTE: For a Reservation You must Fill out our Reservation Form found on the Book us link.

For additional Questions not found on our  Q/A page please email us or fill out the form below.  Again note, this is for questions not for trying to book a ride!!

must give us email as this is how we respond to questions.



Phone: 702-850-1881 – TEXT IS BEST :)  Note: Due to the nature of our business it is hard for us to answer or return calls,  best way to reach us is email. If you have a scheduling question about dates available you must email or fill out our form. Please do not call us asking if a particular date or time is available, please fill out the contact form or email for those types of questions. This line is strictly for individuals who do not have access to a computer or have a tour scheduled and need to get in contact with us regarding their tour details ie. you are lost and cant find our location.

Office hours: Monday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm PST

For more information or questions about our Las Vegas Trail Riding, please  email us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We will provide the timeliest response to your questions. Happy Trails!

Email :



must give us email as this is how we respond to questions.

Business hours are 8am to 5pm. You may not get a reply till the following day if you submit form after business hours.

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