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The lights and luxury of the Strip end rather suddenly, returning to the sand and sun of the desert within just a few miles. The desert, though, stretches on with its own beauty that the trail guides at Las Vegas Trail Riding love to show off. They invite guests to come out to their barn, meet a friendly horse and take a riding lesson, then head into Eldorado Canyon to see the sights. The staff carefully chooses a horse whose temperament suits a rider’s skill level, and supply tack, saddle, and even a hand to mount and dismount the animal. After excursions, they welcome new riders to stick around and visit the various friendly critters who call the ranch home.




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Silver State 06 022

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Discover the heart of the Old West- on horseback


Ride back with us through time, to the rise of the Old West. Our trustworthy horses will carry you back to a Vegas you never knew existed.


“They absolutely LOVED it and liked you very much too.  Thank you!” – Lynn

This was a great horseback riding experience. We never rode a horse before, but the guides made the ride easy for us and FUN!- Linda and Bob

Our horses Eagle and Doc took great care of us and the trail guide was friendly and informative. I would definitely recommend it to others!! – AJ